Naturist massage Lyon and Villeurbanne

Indulge in a unique moment of well-being and sen­sua­li­ty by boo­king a natu­rist mas­sage at our Tam­maia mas­sage stu­dio in Lyon and Vil­leur­banne.


What is a naturist massage ?

A natu­rist mas­sage is a prac­tice that stems from the nudist doc­trine where mind and body are one in the sim­plest state of being.

The natu­rist mas­sages allo­wing you to achieve a sense of well-being, free­dom, and com­fort much more easi­ly.

Are you inter­es­ted in boo­king a mas­sage sans vête­ment at our Tam­maia mas­sage ins­ti­tute in Lyon or Vil­leur­banne ?

What is the price of a naturist massage in 2023 ?

Mas­sage 50min

100 euros

50 minutes


Mas­sage 1H

120 euros

60 minutes


Mas­sage 1H15

145 euros

75 minutes


Mas­sage 1H30

170 euros

90 minutes



** Within the Tam­maia mas­sage ins­ti­tute, we prac­tice natu­rist mas­sage by res­pec­ting a strict char­ter and any inap­pro­priate beha­vior will lead to the ces­sa­tion of the mas­sage without refund.


How to book a naturist massage session at Tammaia ?

To book a nudist mas­sage, contact us by phone on +33 7 83 33 50 90 and we will offer you a time slot accor­ding to your sche­dule.

If you have any ques­tions about mas­sage sans vête­ment, you can also contact us using our contact form for addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion.

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Frequently asked questions about naturist massage

What are the benefits of a naturist massage ?

Natu­rist mas­sage is a type of mas­sage that offers nume­rous bene­fits for the body and mind. Unlike tra­di­tio­nal mas­sage, in a natu­rist mas­sage , both the client and the mas­sage the­ra­pist are not wea­ring any clo­thing.

The main bene­fit of a natu­rist mas­sage is that it enhances free­dom of the spi­rit lea­ding to total relaxa­tion.

Indeed, by remo­ving all of one’s clo­thing during a nudist mas­sage, we get rid of all the bar­riers that sepa­rate us from our body.

We can the­re­fore feel more vul­ne­rable but also freer and recon­nec­ted with our­selves.

But that’s not all, a mas­sage sans vête­ment also has other bene­fits for body and mind.

Indeed, like all other types of mas­sage, it sti­mu­lates blood cir­cu­la­tion and the­re­fore eli­mi­nates toxins that have accu­mu­la­ted in the blood.

In addi­tion, the sti­mu­la­tion of blood cir­cu­la­tion reduces muscle pain. For example, a natu­rist mas­sage can help with back pain.

Final­ly, a natu­rist mas­sage can help improve self-confi­dence and self-esteem. Indeed, if you have dif­fi­cul­ty accep­ting your body, the natu­rist mas­sage can be the­ra­peu­tic because by revea­ling your nudi­ty, you can learn to feel more in tune with your­self.

To book a mas­sage nudiste à Lyon :

What are the different types of naturist massages offered in our massage parlor in Lyon ?

In our natu­rist mas­sage cen­ter in Lyon and Vil­leur­banne, we offer all our mas­sages in a natu­rist for­mu­la :

  • Well­ness mas­sage : It is a tra­di­tio­nal mas­sage that involves mas­sa­ging all parts of the body, inclu­ding the face, back, feet…
  • Duo mas­sage : It is a treat­ment for two people where both indi­vi­duals are mas­sa­ged simul­ta­neous­ly.
  • Couple mas­sage : Simi­lar to duo mas­sage, couple mas­sage involves mas­sa­ging two indi­vi­duals who are in a rela­tion­ship simul­ta­neous­ly.
  • Back mas­sage : It is a mas­sage that focuses on the back, shoul­ders, and neck.

Inter­es­ted in a nudist mas­sage au sein de notre ins­ti­tut de mas­sage à Lyon et Vil­leur­banne ?

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Is it possible to book a nudist massage for several people in our massage institute ?

Yes, you can book a nudist mas­sage for two people at our mas­sage ins­ti­tute in Lyon and Vil­leur­banne. Lyon et Vil­leur­banne.

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Can we take a shower before and after the naturist massage ?

Sho­we­ring is man­da­to­ry before a mas­sage in our mas­sage salon in Lyon and Vil­leur­banne.

After the natu­rist mas­sageyou will have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to take a sho­wer accor­ding to your pre­fe­rence.

What oils do we use for our naturist massages ?

We use grape seed oil for our natu­rist mas­sages.

Grape seed oil has no odor and is easi­ly accep­ted by the body.

Aller­gic reac­tions are uncom­mon with this oil.

Can we be massaged without oil ?

Yes It is pos­sible to be mas­sa­ged with talc. Talc is situable for all skin types. It is also an uns­cen­ted and 100% natu­ral pro­duct.