Couple or duo massage course in Lyon

Learn how to mas­sage your part­ner or a loved one by boo­king a mas­sage course at our mas­sage salon in Lyon and Vil­leur­banne.


Take advantage of a moment of sharing and discovery to learn about the art of massage.

We offer 90-minute les­sons in our office to learn how to mas­sage your part­ner, a fami­ly mem­ber, or a friend.

The courses we offer aim to teach you the essen­tial tech­niques and ges­tures to suc­cess­ful­ly per­form well­ness mas­sage.

The mas­sage courses are offe­red in-per­son at our mas­sage cli­nic in Lyon. Our trai­ning ses­sions for lear­ning mas­sage tech­niques are open to begin­ners who want to acquire the basics of mas­sage as well as to indi­vi­duals who alrea­dy have regu­lar mas­sage expe­rience and wish to dee­pen their skills.

What is the price of a massage learning course in 2023 ?

Non-natu­rist for­mu­la 1H30

170 euros

90 minutes


Natu­rist for­mu­la 1H30

180 euros

90 minutes


** Within the Tam­maia mas­sage ins­ti­tute, we prac­tice natu­rist mas­sage by res­pec­ting a strict char­ter and any inap­pro­priate beha­vior will lead to the ces­sa­tion of the mas­sage without refund.


Do you need experience before booking a massage course in our practice in Lyon ?

It is not neces­sa­ry to alrea­dy have expe­rience before boo­king a mas­sage course in our mas­sage par­lor in Lyon. Indeed, mas­sage courses are acces­sible to begin­ners.

The only pre­re­qui­siteis to be two people wishing to learn mas­sage. Our mas­sage courses are appro­priate for a couple but also in duo for­mu­la with a mem­ber of your fami­ly or a friend.

The main objec­tives of our mas­sage courses are to learn the basics of mas­sage, so you can mas­sage your part­ner, friends, and fami­ly mem­bers at home.

During our mas­sage classes, we will guide you step by step to teach you the basics of mas­sage, the dif­ferent ero­ge­nous zones of the body and the ges­tures and pos­tures to adopt..

Formation massage : Questions fréquentes

What is the point of learning massage when you are in a relationship ?

Boo­king a couple mas­sage course can enrich your rela­tion­ship :

  • First of all, by lear­ning mas­sage, you will be able to explore your part­ner’s body in a dif­ferent way. It is also an oppor­tu­ni­ty to dis­co­ver areas of the body that can bring plea­sure and were pre­vious­ly unex­plo­red.
  • Mas­sage is above all a moment of convi­via­li­ty. Taking a mas­sage course is a great way to relax with your part­ner and improve your rela­tion­ship.
  • A cou­ple’s mas­sage class is also an excellent way to learn how to mas­sage safe­ly. To suc­cess­ful­ly per­form a mas­sage, it is impor­tant to learn essen­tial tech­niques and dif­ferent body posi­tions. Poor­ly exe­cu­ted mas­sage tech­niques can poten­tial­ly cause dis­com­fort or pain.

What is the difference between a naturist and non-naturist massage course ?

During a non-natu­rist mas­sage trai­ning, par­ti­ci­pants are dres­sed in under­wear or light clo­thing.

During a d’une for­ma­tion au mas­sage natu­riste, all par­ti­ci­pants are naked inclu­ding the mas­seur or the mas­seuse.

When making your reser­va­tion, you can choose bet­ween a natu­rist or non-natu­rist mas­sage course accor­ding to your pre­fe­rences.

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What oils do we use during a couple or duo massage course ?

During a couples mas­sage trai­ning, we use grape seed oil for the mas­sage.

This oil has seve­ral advan­tages :

  • It has no odor.
  • It is an oil that is easi­ly accep­ted by the body and has a very low risk of aller­gies.
  • It is easy to find, and if you wish to conti­nue mas­sa­ging after lear­ning the tech­niques, you will be able to easi­ly find it in stores.

Can we be massaged without oil ?

Yes, we also offer trai­ning for couples or duos to learn how to mas­sage without the use of mas­sage oil.

To replace the mas­sage oil, we sug­gest using talc.

Talc is 100% natu­ral, uns­cen­ted, and sui­table for all skin types.

Can I choose which area I want to massage during a massage course ?

We offer a method of lear­ning gene­ra­list mas­sage. During a mas­sage courses in our mas­sage prac­tice in Lyon, we will intro­duce you to the dif­ferent ero­ge­nous zones of the body and guide you in lear­ning the basics of well-being mas­sage.

You can of course com­mu­ni­cate your pre­fe­rences and the pre­fe­rences of your part­ner, fami­ly mem­ber or friend to us.

Do you want to improve your skills in back mas­sage, foot mas­sage, face mas­sage, shoul­der mas­sage, or other areas of the body ? No wor­ries, you can com­mu­ni­cate your pre­fe­rences to us during the ses­sion.