Internal rules

The pur­pose of these rules of pro­ce­dure (herei­naf­ter the “Rules of Pro­ce­dure”) is to define the inter­nal ope­ra­ting pro­ce­dures of the TAMMAIA mas­sage par­lor (herei­naf­ter the “Salon”). Any ser­vice pro­vi­ded within the Show entails full and com­plete adhe­rence to the Inter­nal Regu­la­tions both in terms of concer­ning the mas­seuses, then the cus­to­mers of the lat­ter. These Inter­nal Regu­la­tions consti­tute a gui­de­line of conduct within the Show and are the­re­fore not inten­ded to be exhaus­tive. Clients the­re­fore under­take to com­ply with any other addi­tio­nal ins­truc­tions from their mas­seuse pro­vi­ded that the lat­ter remains in line with the spi­rit of these Inter­nal Regu­la­tions.

Legal and regu­la­to­ry fra­me­work of the ser­vices offe­red.

The tech­niques prac­ti­ced consist of mas­sages of well-being, relaxa­tion and the­re­fore have no the­ra­peu­tic or medi­cal aim. More gene­ral­ly, they in no way consist of acts reser­ved for health pro­fes­sions regu­la­ted by the Public Health Code.

Under no cir­cum­stances will it be accep­ted to per­form mas­sages with a sexual conno­ta­tion or any other act of a sexual nature. Any inap­pro­priate beha­vior on the part of the cus­to­mer will result in the imme­diate ter­mi­na­tion of the ser­vice as well as full pay­ment for it. In this res­pect, any natu­rist ser­vice is only car­ried out within the fra­me­work of the phi­lo­so­phy and ethics spe­ci­fic to this way of life. As a result of the fore­going, no ser­vice has any sexual cha­rac­ter (main­ly or inci­den­tal­ly) and the mas­seuses may not be soli­ci­ted, both inside and out­side the Salon.

The ser­vices offe­red are sub­ject to an exhaus­tive dis­play men­tio­ning the appli­cable tariff. All ser­vices are for­mal­ly and pre­vious­ly defi­ned and may not under any cir­cum­stances be sub­ject to modi­fi­ca­tion or soli­ci­ta­tion, wha­te­ver their form, nature, or price, both inside and out­side the Show.

The­re­fore, no addi­tio­nal request of any kind what­soe­ver can be clai­med from the mas­seuses. Final­ly, it is strict­ly for­bid­den for the client to mas­tur­bate during a ser­vice or in the pre­sence of the mas­seuses.

All mas­sages are car­ried out with mutual res­pect. It is the­re­fore strict­ly for­bid­den to touch any part of the body of the mas­seuses. No tou­ching or inap­pro­priate ges­tures will be tole­ra­ted.

Good conduct in the Mas­sage Par­lor

When making an appoint­ment and at any time the­reaf­ter, the client agrees to report any health pro­blem that could represent a contrain­di­ca­tion to the mas­sages reques­ted.

Any per­son (client or mas­seuse) agrees to scru­pu­lous­ly res­pect the code of good conduct set out below :

Adhe­rence to the agreed sche­dule. Any delay will reduce the dura­tion of the reques­ted mas­sage accor­din­gly.

  • Adop­ting a cour­teous and res­pect­ful atti­tude (both phy­si­cal­ly and ver­bal­ly) towards the mas­seuse is impor­tant. As a client, it is expec­ted to main­tain a pas­sive role during the reques­ted ser­vices.
  • Res­pect should be main­tai­ned without any modi­fi­ca­tion to the content of the reser­ved and paid-for ser­vice, as well as the hygiene and tran­qui­li­ty of the salon, inclu­ding the pre­mises and faci­li­ties pro­vi­ded. Any beha­vior dee­med inap­pro­priate will result in the imme­diate ter­mi­na­tion of the ses­sion, with full pay­ment requi­red and no pos­si­bi­li­ty of a refund, as well as exclu­sion from the salon.
  • A sho­wer is man­da­to­ry before any ses­sion. The salon pro­vides the neces­sa­ry items for this pur­pose.
  • If, due to the well-being pro­vi­ded by the mas­sages, sexual arou­sal occurs, we would like to remind you that it is not the pur­pose of the ser­vices offe­red. We kind­ly ask you to inform the mas­seuse if you wish to inter­rupt the mas­sage. The pay­ment for the ser­vice will still be due, and no refunds will be pro­vi­ded in this context. The mas­seuse will not engage in any other ser­vice than the one ori­gi­nal­ly reques­ted.
  • The client’s clo­thing and per­so­nal belon­gings should remain in the cabin under the sole res­pon­si­bi­li­ty of the client, as they are their pro­per­ty. No objects or acces­so­ries rela­ted to the reques­ted ser­vices are allo­wed in the salon.

Fai­lure to com­ply with any of these ethi­cal rules, as well as any attempt to do so, and any ver­bal or phy­si­cal beha­vior that does not ali­gn with the spi­rit of the Inter­nal Regu­la­tions will result in the imme­diate ter­mi­na­tion of the ses­sion. In such cases, full pay­ment will be requi­red without the pos­si­bi­li­ty of a refund, as sta­ted above.

The salon reserves the right to refuse any client whose inten­tions or beha­vior are not in accor­dance with its poli­cy and the present Inter­nal Regu­la­tions.