Foot massage Lyon and Villeurbanne

Enjoy a moment of well-being and relaxa­tion by boo­king a foot mas­sage at Cabi­net Tam­maia in Lyon and Vil­leur­banne


What are the benefits of a foot massage ?

A foot mas­sage is an excellent way to relieve muscle and joint pain that can occur in the feet.

Indeed, it is a mas­sage that has many bene­fits and that improves blood cir­cu­la­tion and reduces inflam­ma­tion.

This type of mas­sage places can be prac­ti­ced alone, and it can be com­bi­ned with other types of mas­sages such as back mas­sage and face mas­sage.

What is the rate for a foot massage in 2023 ?

Mas­sage 30min

50 euros

30 minutes



How to book a foot massage in our massage institute in Lyon ?

To book a foot mas­sage, you can contact us either on our contact form or by phone on +33 7 83 33 50 90 for addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion.

Our team is at your dis­po­sal to ans­wer your ques­tions or to help you choose a for­mu­la adap­ted to your needs for your mas­sage places ses­sion in our ins­ti­tute in Lyon and Vil­leur­banne.

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Foot massage : Frequently asked questions

I have pain, can a foot massage help me ?

Yes, it is an excellent way to relieve muscle and joint pain.

To book a foot mas­sage :

What oils are used to perform a foot massage ?

We use grape seed oil to per­form this type of mas­sage.

This oil has many bene­fits, indeed it has no scent and it is non-grea­sy.

Can a foot massage be performed in combination with a massage in other parts of the body ?

Yes, the this type of mas­sage can be com­bi­ned with a back mas­sage and a face mas­sage.

A mas­sage that is per­for­med on dif­ferent parts of the body can allow you to bene­fit from a more com­plete and balan­ced expe­rience.

What are the effects of massage on the nervous system ?

The mas­sages have many posi­tive effects for the ner­vous sys­tem such as redu­cing muscle ten­sion, figh­ting stress and anxie­ty.

Mas­sages can increase the of endor­phins. Endor­phins are hor­mones that help relieve pain and improve relaxa­tion and well-being.

Mas­sages are also effec­tive in redu­cing the level of cor­ti­sol which helps reduce stress.

Is the shower mandatory before performing a foot massage ?

Yes, taking a sho­wer is man­da­to­ry before a mas­sage.

You will have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to take a sho­wer just before recei­ving a mas­sage direct­ly at our mas­sage par­lor.

You will also have the option to take a sho­wer after a mas­sage ses­sion.

Can we be massaged without oil ?

It is pos­sible to be mas­sa­ged with 100% natu­ral tal­cum pow­der. Talc is sui­table for all skin types.