Back massage in Lyon and Villeurbanne

Give your back a well-deser­ved break in our Tam­maia mas­sage cen­ter in Lyon and Vil­leur­banne.


Why book a back massage ?

A back mas­sage is ideal for relie­ving muscle pain. We use spe­ci­fic mas­sage tech­niques for the back to improve blood cir­cu­la­tion and reduce muscle ten­sion.

We recom­mend this mas­sage to anyone who suf­fers from back pain and muscle ten­sion such as lower back pain, stiff neck or muscle pain and spasms.

But that’s not all, back mas­sage can also help you improve your pos­ture and prevent pos­sible back inju­ries, espe­cial­ly if you regu­lar­ly do manual work.

What is the rate for a back massage in 2023 ?

Mas­sage 30min

50 euros

30 minutes



How to book a back massage at our Tammaia massage parlor in Lyon ?

In order to book a back mas­sage in our mas­sage cen­ter in Lyon, you must contact us on our contact form or by phone by cal­ling +33 7 83 33 50 90.

We are avai­lable to ans­wer your ques­tions. Do not hesi­tate to contact us if you wish to obtain addi­tio­nal infor­ma­tion or to book a mas­sage places in our mas­sage par­lors in Lyon and Vil­leur­banne.


Frequently asked questions back massage

Is back massage effective in relieving back pain ?

The back mas­sage is very effec­tive in relie­ving lower back pain, stiff neck and muscle pain and spasms.

Indeed, this type of mas­sage helps sti­mu­late blood cir­cu­la­tion and reduce muscle ten­sion. Depen­ding on your spe­ci­fic pain, we can recom­mend one or mul­tiple mas­sage ses­sions to help alle­viate the dis­com­fort.

The effects of a back mas­sage are imme­diate and many of our clients feel a reduc­tion in back pain after a mas­sage ses­sion in our prac­tice.

To book a mas­sage :

How many massage sessions should I do to reduce back pain ?

We have obser­ved a decrease in pain in our clients from the first ses­sion, but the results may vary.

Depen­ding on the inten­si­ty of back pain and the causes, it can be dif­fi­cult to deter­mine the ideal num­ber of ses­sions to relieve back pain.

If you are sub­ject to regu­lar pain, we recom­mend that you per­form seve­ral ses­sions.

Inter­es­ted in a mas­sage ?

What are the oils used for a back massage ?

To per­form a mas­sage places, we use grape seed oil. This neu­tral, non-grea­sy oil is ideal because it is easi­ly absor­bed into the body and very rare­ly causes aller­gic reac­tions.

Should I take a shower before coming to a back massage session ?

No, as our mas­sage salon is equip­ped with a sho­wer. Sho­we­ring is man­da­to­ry before a mas­sage ses­sion at our salon.

If you wish, you will also have the option to take a sho­wer at the end of your mas­sage ses­sion.

Can we be massaged without oil ?

Yes, we offer an alter­na­tive to grape seed oil : 100% natu­ral tal­cum pow­der.