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The cabinet TAMMAIA

Specialists in non-naturiste massages.

Naturiste tantric massage Lyon - Villeurbanne

The quality of presence and listening to the massed are essential in this massage. Compared to the other massages, the tantric one hasn't a fixed protocol, a light massage of the whole body, including intimate parts, with large movements of connection from head to toe. This massage is characterizied by its spiritual dimension.

The voluptuous gesture of this intuitive massage awakes sensuality gently and exacerbates the senses.

Breathing is primordial, it promotes the rediscovery of the body consciousness and a total abandonment of oneself. It's the perfect invitation to relax in an intimate and warm atmosphere with relaxing music.

The massage is an art and like all the arts it allows to develop its creativity, its sensitivity and its intuition.

Our masseuses are trained in different massage techniques; the ideal is to combine the well-being with sensuality, the right compromise between the traditional massage and eroticism to revel another sensory dimension.

Cabine de massage tantrique bleu

Cabine de massage tantrique violette

Adress : 20 bis rue Songieu, 69100 Villeurbanne, France.

Phone : 07 83 33 50 90

E-mail : cabinet.tammaia@gmail.com

Free shower at your disposal before and after the appointment

Prices are set and non-negotiable, our massages last no less than 50 minutes.

Pursuant to Decree No. 96-879 of October 8, 1996 and No. 2000-577 of 27 June 2000, the wellness massage is neither a medical practice, neither therapeutic nor-sexual.