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4-HAND tantric Villeurbanne - Lyon

The 4-hands massage is a moment of guaranteed ecstasy: your body, totally relaxed, in no longer modeled by two but by four hands. It is manipulated according to techniques generally chosen by the client annd requires from both masseurs a perfect harmonization of the movements.

Generally distributed on both sides of the table, the two professionals must perform precise gestures both at the hight of the level of the method and at the level of the intensiy so that the massage can be effective.

Indeed, the left part as the right part of the body must be subject to the same rhythm, not to unbalance the final result.

The 4 hand massage is a very relaxing massage. The movements of the 4 hands are slow, simultaneous and alterating; it allows a real let go. The organic oil used is an ayuvredic oil (scent essential oil).

At the end of your massage, you can either keep the benefits of oils or the beutician can rinse the oil with warm gloves. Free showers at your disposal before the appointment.

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E-mail : cabinet.tammaia@gmail.com

Free shower at your disposal before and after the appointment CABINET TAMMAIA

Prices are set and non-negotiable, our massages last no less than 50 minutes.

Pursuant to Decree No. 96-879 of October 8, 1996 and No. 2000-577 of 27 June 2000, the wellness massage is neither a medical practice, neither therapeutic nor-sexual.